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Bridging the gap: Health, Structure, Style and Temperament

The new creativity, the new story, the new feeling. - Domenico Dolce

It’s a different kind of femininity that is different from before.  The military look, but in a romantic way. - Stefano Gabbana



Health tests

2013 Litter
2014 Litter

Puppy Application
DM: Normal
ARVC: Clear
Holtered: Yearly
Echo: 1.2 flow, BC Cardiologist
Thyroid: Normal, TGAA neg (Tested Yearly)
Hips: OFA Fair
spondylosis:  Clear
Birthday: 9/16/2010
  1. BulletDolce

  2.     I am most impressed with Dolce’s ability to adapt and her simple zest for life and love.  Dolce’s dam was bred in Italy and then imported to Minnesota. Dolce spent her first few months on a horse farm learning how to be a true midwest country girl. Shortly after coming home with me, Dolce and I traveled to Alabama for the first time. Here my little princess was going from country girl to jet setter in a matter of days.  After our few day stay at the river house in Bama, we drove back to Minnesota. Since our original visit, Dolce has made the 17 hour drive with me countless times.

  3.     While house hunting, Dolce was the driving force behind my requirements to my agent.  The real-estate agent even asked me to bring Dolce along because he had to meet the dog that was getting her very own house!  Dolce now has a house with a very large play room and screened porch for those Alabama rainy days, a fenced yard and yes her very own in ground pool.    Dolce is my constant companion. I have been able to watch Dolce grow from a confident curious puppy into an intelligent, assertive and lovable adult

        Dolce combines substance and elegance seamlessly. Her greatest attributes include a solid top line, short back and to die for pigmentation. She has eyes that penetrate your soul, perfect rise with defined stop and superb health.  Dolce produced 8 babies through two breedings.  She has retired from the whelping box and continues to rule the house.



Dolce 2014  50+ days pregnant with 7 babies.