Please read prior to submitting an application!
Raizn Boxers
Bridging the gap

  1. Bullet To be considered for one of our puppies you must first fill out a puppy application.  Applications are a simple means to obtain very specific information.  That information is used in helping me determine which puppy would be best suited for your home and household environment.  After the puppy application has been submitted you can expect a phone call from me so we can get to know each other. 

              Although each boxer has very distinctive boxer traits, no two boxers or boxer puppies will ever be the same.  Some puppies will show                     more independence, others will have a large working drive, and even some will show a more laid back personality. As the puppies grow and their personality emerge (who was first out of the whelping box, which one is the most dominant, who is treat motived and which ones would prefer just to snuggle) I will document certain personality traits and achievements.  I will take my personal knowledge combined with aptitude testing to decide which puppies belong in certain homes.  Aptitude testing is completed around 7 weeks of age.

            Outside of temperament, structural (conformation) considerations must be made as well.  Structural evaluations will be done by myself, the stud owner via photo’s, local breeders/handlers etc.  All though puppy evaluations begin at birth, final decisions will not be made until the puppy is 8-9 weeks of age. 

            Since all of the evaluations must take place no sooner than 7 weeks of age, you will not know which puppy may be available your family until they are at least 7 weeks old. 

            Your puppy application will help me match the best puppy to your home.  I will take into consideration your wishes for sex or color however the temperament and construction of the puppy will drive the proper placement.

            Please understand my puppy placement policy has been used for years by many other reputable breeders.  It is in your and the puppies best interest that all scenarios be considered prior to selecting a companion.  Dogs are more than just color and markings.  Coming from a person that believes the classic brindle is the best dog in the world yet has only RED breeding females. :) Trust in my knowledge of my dogs, and the advise of many other experts to find you the best possible companion!

            Puppies will be allowed to leave my home between 8 and 12 weeks of age. 

            Home Visits - It is possible that I will request a home visit be completed by either myself or a boxer friend.  This seems strange or overly controlling to some.  I am sorry, however I am responsible for these babies for their entire lives. All dog people, understand dust, dirt, slobber, etc, a home visit is to ensure the animals you do have are in good condition and the home environment is as stated on the application.  It is not to determine how great of a house keeper you are!

            I am always available.  Please email me your contact information and I would be happy to discuss boxers, food, puppies etc. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies, please fill out an application. After filling out an application please either email me at or call. The puppy application does not notify me of any new submissions.  Thank you!